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Offering a broad spectrum of products such as Alano-640 with Sweeper A1300S, Alano-640 with Trailer 4W780, Alano-640 with Front Loader 253, etc.
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“Alano” India’s first Multi – Utility Ride on sweeping machine, revolutionizes the way you look at sweeping and maintaining clean premises. It substitutes 16-20 labor and has ROI (100%) and payback period of less than 12 months.

Alano Motors Pvt Ltd established in 2008 as a manufacturing and exporting company has brought out this innovative product which for the first time, offers user benefits like never before and is today working successfully in top tier companies throughout India.

With growing economy in India leading to better opportunities, it is imperative that shortage of labor in menial jobs such as sweeping is going to be a rising phenomenon. Improvement in minimum wages structure means labor is no more the most economical alternative.

Alano provides an aesthetic, efficient and cost effective solution. In fact, Alano is the first company to offer a sweeping machine which has total costs less than labour when compared to per sq.mtr basis.

Alano offers you the following advantages:

Lower acquisition cost- 50% lower than other machines in its range
Great operational effectiveness: Can cover 7kms in one hour or sweep 2 acres (8000 sq.mtr) in one hour
Lower operational cost: Consumes only 1 ltr of petrol for every hour of operation.
Fantastic value proposition: Alano offers per square meter cost of sweeping less than manual labour plus it offers multi utility applications.

Alano can sweep effectively,

Pebbles & Bolts and nuts of size up to 1”
Leaves, paper, plastic wrappers, etc.

Compared to the existing line of products that have similar features, Alano is quite competitive as far as acquisition cost is concerned. What makes Alano more interesting is that our total costs are far lower, compared to the industry standards.

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