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Offering a broad spectrum of Industrial Sweeping Machines such as Alano-640 with Sweeper A1300S, Alano-640 with Trailer 4W780, Alano-640 with Front Loader 253, etc.
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Alano Motors Pvt. Ltd. offers the first floor sweeping machine of "multi utility type" in India that will revolutionize the process of sweeping and keeping your premises clean. The machine can do the work of 16 to 20 workers and it pays for itself in less than 12 months. Its ROI is 100% and is offered with complete quality assertion.

Incepted in 2008, Alano Motors Pvt. Ltd. is India based manufacturer, exporter of industrial sweeping machines. This innovative product is available in India for the first time and its features are unique as well as unparalleled. It is being used efficiently in top tier companies located in different parts of India.

India is a market that present progressive opportunities, owing to its continuously growing economy. Future might present shortage of manpower in menial works like sweeping. Also, there has been rise in the structure of minimum wages, which directly increases the cost of hiring labors for such work.

Alano Motors Pvt. Ltd.(Maharashtra) provides the perfect, cost effective and efficacious solution. Actually, we are the first Indian company that offers sweeping machine whose overall cost is less as compared to labor in terms of per square meter.

Advantages of Alano Industrial Floor Sweeping Machines

  • Acquisition cost is less to about 50% that of similar machines of other companies
  • Operational effectiveness is very high as it can cover 7km in 1 hour OR it can sweep 2 acres (8000 sq.mtr) in 1 hour
  • Operation price is on the lower side as it uses 1 Ltr petrol for 1 hour operation
  • Unsurpassed value proposition as with Alano floor sweeping machines, the price of square meter sweeping turns out to be less than manual labor. In addition, its multi utility applications are just exceptional.

Alano Sweeping Machines are effective for cleaning:

  • Bolts and nuts of size up to 1inch
  • Debris
  • Dust
  • Leaves
  • Paper, plastic wrappers
  • Pebbles etc.

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